We’re the REAL DEAL!
No Rapid rise, tasteless bags of pizza dough premix here.
Just artisan know-how, time, and devotion.
Our pizza bases are made the authentic Italian way with a unique sourdough culture and cold fermented for 36 hours resulting in a delicious flavor and complex, chewy crust.
We keep it simple & let the ingredients speak for themselves. Every day, our chefs chop, saute, and prepare only the finest pizza toppings before service.
Our pizza chef has 20 years of Pizza making experience. All our pizza bases are expertly hand-rolled. No automatic rolling machines.
No high school children who don’t know what they are doing and take no pride in their work. So what are you waiting for? try one of our delicious pizzas today? You won’t be disappointed!

Phone 0404587460 for a pick up order.

Also available through Uber Eats

BBQ CHICKEN (BBQ base, marinated chicken, mushroom, bacon, red onions and mozzarella cheese) $20
BBQ MEAT LOVERS (BBQ sauce base, ham, italian sausage, pancetta,  and mozzarella cheese) $19
MEAT LOVERS ( Tomato base , ham , italian sausage , pancetta and mozzarella cheese) $19
UP IN SMOKE (smoked chicken breast, crispy bacon, mozzarella cheese dotted with blue cheese and fresh chives) $20
FOUR CHEESE PEPPERONI (mozzarella, feta, parmesan, bocconcini cheeses and pepperoni) $18
GODFATHER (tomato base , italian sausage , fresh chilli , and mozzarella cheese) $19
HAM CHEESE (tomato base , ham and mozzarella cheese) $17
HAWAIIAN (tomato base, ham, pineapple, and mozzarella cheese) $18
LITE N EASY (tomato base, baby spinach, mushroom, feta, olives, roasted capsicum, tomato, red onion, pesto, garlic, oregano, low fat mozzarella) $20
MARGARITA (tomato base, basil, cherry tomato, bocconcini and mozzarella cheese) $18
PEPE (tomato base, italian sausage, olives, capsicum, eggplant, anchovies bocconcini and mozzarella cheese) $19
PEPPERONI ( tomato base, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese) $18
SUPREME ( tomato base, mushroom, ham, italian sausage, capsicum and mozzarella cheese) $19
VEGETARIAN SUPREME (tomato base, eggplant, artichokes, spinach, roasted capsicum, mushroom, cherry tomato, pesto, bocconcini and mozzarella cheeses) $20
THE LOT (tomato base, mushroom, ham, italian sausage, bacon, capsicum, olives, pineapple, red onion and mozzarella cheese) $20
TRUFFLE (mozzarella , feta , parmesan , bocconcini cheeses and truffle) $19